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1.- Why do our Vending Machines have a low price?
  Because, we want that our clients have high profits with little investment. Lots of machines mean lots of toothbrushes sold and money for our client and our company.
2.- Can I buy only 1 machine at 38 €?
  No. This price is available only for minimum order of 50 units. Our price is very low just only for 1 machine.
3.- How much is the price for 1 sample machine?
  100 euros. Sample machine goes with euro coin mech. Later we will send to you your country coin mech. with the new order.
4.- How do you send the sample?
  You have to call to your agency "Courier" (FEDEX, TNT, UPS, DHL, etc...). We don't send samples by normal post office.
5.- How much is the cost for shipment of toothbrushes and vending machines from your factory to my country or city?

You have to ask to your agency "Courier". Our prices are Ex-Works. You can choose between truck, ship or airplane. Ask your agency which is the best solution depending of your location. We will give you the measures of the packaging boxes or container.

6.- How much is the cost of customs to import your products?
  We don't know. We can't know the legislation of all countries. Ask to your import Agency. Between European Community countries, it is a Free Market. Companies don't pay VAT or taxes. If you are outside Europe and you need EUR 1 Certificate, we will give commercial invoice and packing list to your transport company, and then they will have to ask customs to prepare the EUR 1 Certificate for your shipment.
7.- Can your vending machine work with my country coin?
  Yes. We can programme the coin mech. in our factory to work with your country coin. It is possible to adapt the coin mech. for 1 coin or maximum 3 coins (always the same coin).
8.- Can you send me only 1 sample machine programmed for my country coin mech?
  No. The minimum order to programme the machines for your country coin is 50 units. The sample machine goes with euro coin.
9.- How much is the minimum order to programme the machines for my country coin?
  50 machines.
10.- What kind of payment do you accept?

Money transfer, bank to bank. We don't accept credit cards or any credit documents.

11.- Do you accept credit cards?
12.- Can I have an Exclusive Contract for your products in my country or city?
  Yes, you can. We have to establish your 1st order and minimum orders every 3 months.
13.- Can I have my brand on the toothbrushes?
  Yes. You can personalise your toothbrushes in your country. We personalise your toothbrushes only for minimum orders of 930.000 units.
14.- Can I have the vending machine personalised with my brand?
  Yes. You can do it in your country. We send to you machine without sticke.
15.- Does your vending machine work with other products?
  No. Our machine can work only with our product.
16.- Why does it take you one day or more to answer my emails, fax or phone calls?
  First of all, because we receive lots of emails and faxes; secondly, because we have an 8-hour working timetable and finally, because Spain lies in a different time zone than many other countries.
17.- Can I send suggestions in order to improve your machine or to give new ideas?
  Yes, of course. They are welcome.
18. -Can I visit your factory in Spain ?
  Yes, you can.
19.- What are the dimensions of the toothbrush master carton?
  One master carton has inside 1000 toothbrushes (10 different colours, 100 toothbrushes per colour, in packet of 10 units). Dimensions of master carton are: 47.5 cm * 38 cm * 16.5 cm . Gross weights: 10 kg.
20.- What are the dimensions of the vending machine master carton?
  One master carton has inside 10 vending machines. Dimensions of master carton are 66 cm * 34 cm * 56 cm . Gross weight: 70 kg.
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